Our story

About us and our property

Ottavio Muzi Falconi and Margot Jacini, winemakers in the Montemarcello Natural Park, Lerici, La Spezia. Our vineyards extend for over 7,000 m2 at 350 meters above sea level and just 900 meters from the small port of Tellaro.

The largest vineyard, planted in 2010, is located in a sunny karst valley ventilated by the nearby sea (60% Syrah vines, 20% Merlot and 20% Massaretta, a local red grape). The second vineyard (600 Cabernet Franc vines), planted in 2015, is located in the sunniest point of the estate in majestic stone terraces. Finally, in 2020 we decided to plant a third vineyard between the two renovated farmhouses to stabilize production with Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapes. All our vineyards face south and are surrounded by an oak forest. The rows welcome the sea breeze and combine it with the scent of the forest, thus creating the unique microclimate that distinguishes our wines.

In 2015 we completed the construction of a small but beautiful and efficient underground cellar. Our grapes are taken to the cellar where we fully follow the entire winemaking and bottling process. In 2016 we began the organic conversion period and from 2020 our wines are certified organic!

We aim to make wines that respect the beautiful environment we are set in through regenerative practices. This includes planting cover crops between rows, serving as green mulch to enhance soil quality, and minimizing soil ploughing. In the cellar, we are exploring natural winemaking by avoiding sulfite additions in our Margot wine and exploring spontaneous fermentation for a fully natural winemaking process from vineyard to cellar.

But all our efforts are not limited to wine....we have planted 250 olive trees and more than 150 fruit trees. Other initiatives such as our beehives, our chickens, ducks and geese and our vegetable gardens successfully complete our lives. A lot of work - to give an economic balance to everything we have restored 6 rural houses of which 4 were successfully rented on a weekly basis.

Prior to moving to Pian della Chiesa, we lived a busy life in London until 2005. We then decided to live a more natural lifestyle and progressively purchased, in the middle of the Montemarcello Natural Park, more than 40 hectares of land which included also several rural houses. The houses and most of this land was previously cultivated with vineyards and orchards but were abandoned after the Second World War. 

It was hard work! In constant balance between the need to restore the houses and land to their original shape and use and the natural passage of time. In this way, three splendid vineyards have grown, both surrounded by more than 250 olive trees and majestic oaks. Last but not least, 6 of the 7 rural houses have been renovated and are used by us or rented as.