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MONTEMARCELLO (10 min) is the nearest village to the house. With its narrow alleyways called the ‘carrughi’, only accessible on foot, two bars, two restaurants, a grocery, a newspaper shop, a church and ... the Punta Corvo (there is a beautiful belvedere!) and the Magra view.

LA SERRA (10 min) every year around 21 Aug for 4 days hosts the ‘Sagra da Lumaga’ (snails!!)

LERICI AND SAN TERENZO (15 min) LERICI Is a beautiful village with a 1,100 year old Genoese castle that overlook the ‘Golfo dei Poeti’, so called because Shelley and Byron lived here.

From Jun 15 - Aug 31 between 10:00-19:00 you cannot drive through Lerici/San Terenzo. Use the multi-level parking at the entrance of Lerici (€1.5 x hr.). To reach this parking at the IP petrol station turn left and just before the ‘no drive’ zone ZTL you will see a multi floor parking on your left.

TELLARO is just south of Fiascherino (20 min). It is a beautiful fishing village secured on the peak of the rocks (also reachable in 40 min walk Trail 411/ Trail 432).

CINQUE TERRE, PORTOVENERE and the Islands (PALMARIA, TINO and TINETTO), part of the Unesco World Heritage list are wonderful but can be very crowded in high season.

As car is not an option, you can go there either by ferry boat or by train:

- Small ferry boats (, 0187 732987), allow a day, departs from Lerici quay @ 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, 14:30. It is a hop-in & hop-off service to Portovenere and the 5 Terre (Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza e Monterosso). Daily ticket €35 (€18 kids).

- Train ( from La Spezia (easy parking just below the station) and take one of the numerous trains to the 5 Terre.

There are taxi boats from Portovenere and Lerici to the Palmaria island (13km of costal walks with a beautiful nature and views).

SARZANA (20 min) is the nearest city and the major center of the Lunigiana valley. Sarzana has a beautiful medieval town centre and many excellent restaurants. We recommend the Gelateria Biagi ( for ice creams and the Pasticceria Gemmi ( for a tea/chocolate with ‘spongata’. Sarzana is an excellent place for shopping and antiques.

Best place for cakes: Pasticceria Francesco, Via Arnaldo Terzi 20, Sarzana.

On the second and third week of August there are two related events: the antiques street market called ‘La Soffitta nella Strada’ (also during Easter holidays) and the ‘National Antiques Exhibition’ in the Firmafede fortress.

BOCCA DI MAGRA (15 through Montemarcello). Characteristic port village at the estuary of the Magra river.

LUNI ROMAN AMPHITHEATER (Via Luni, 37, Ortonovo, 30 min…drive through Montemarcello). Beautiful but not well kept and presented … hire a guide!

ALPI APUANE (40 min...reach Carrara and then climb towards Colonnata). Famous for the Carrara marble quarries (the white mountains that you can see).

It is really worth the visit the Galleria Ravaccione n°84 which is an incredible quarry carved deep into the mountain - or 339 7657470). Open 11:00-18:30, €10 per person.

In Calonnata try the typical ‘Lardo di Colonnata’ (a fat white ham).

FORTE DEI MARMI (40 min...take the motorway from Sarzana to Versilia) have beautiful (pay) beaches. Forte is chic and is full of trendy shops. Worth going for the street market happening every Sun and Wed morning, good bargains. On the second Sun of each month and the preceding Sat there is the ‘Forte Antiques Market’ in Piazza Dante. Forte dei Marmi hosts famous discos: La Capannina and Twiga (0584 21518) - dancing starts only after midnight.

Near Forte ... the village of PIETRASANTA with its art galleries and good restaurants.

Pisa (1h), Lucca (50 min), Florence (1:50h), Parma (1:45h) and Genoa (1:30h): historic towns that can be easily reached for day trips.


SPIAGGIA MAROSSA (45 min) walk down on Trail 411 to Zanego. Take the main road for 100m towards Montemarcello and on the right, just before the rail-guard take the trail that will lead you to Trail 433. Take the trial direction Tellaro. When you are above the sea, just after a small ruin, take the trail down to beach (blue signs) - the last few meters are not easy (also a rope!).

It is probably the most beautiful beach around here. It is a black pebbles beach. You will need trekking shoes, water, hat and sun cream. 15 min closer if you park down in Zanego.

SPIAGGIA PUNTA CORVO (45 min): take the car and park in Montemarcello south parking. Then walk down towards the beach - the trail 436 starts in front of the bar on the main road and takes 30 min or 700 steps, recommended! You will need trekking shoes, water, hat and sun cream. Alternatively in Bocca di Magra from May 1-Sep 30, every 30 min, if the sea conditions allow, boats (, 338 8362182) take you in just 15 min to the black pebble beach of Punta Corvo.

SPIAGGIA MARINELLA (20 min): a long beach starts at the estuary of the Magra river and ends in Viareggio. Most of it is a typical Italian style ‘riviera beach’ with umbrellas and sun beds.

We recommend Bagno delle Tamerici (Via Litoranea 106, Ameglia, 0187 1676574) with parking. Take the car, drive through Montemarcello via Bocca di Magra and 800m after the Magra river bridge, drive past the red lights of Fiumaretta take the first road on the right and then right again.

SPIAGGIE DI LERICI and SAN TERENZO (15 min): park at Lerici’s La Vallata (€1.5 x hour). To reach this parking drive through the IP petrol station towards Sarzana and at the next roundabout take the second exit and take the first exit after the tunnel. From this parking you have easy access to three beaches that you can see immediately when you arrive down at the sea: - Lido (, 0187 966 327) is the most elegant and nearer to Lerici. €32 for two. - Venere Azzurra ( - Arenile, the free beach in front of San Terenzo.

SPIAGGIE DI FIASCHERINO (20 min): Fiascherino is the coast between Lerici and Tellaro. You can also reach them with a 45 minutes walk. There are four beaches in a mainly rocky coast line. The most well known is the chic and elegant pay beach of Eco del Mare (, 0187 968609). Between €115 and €145 for two.

RENT A RUBBER BOAT IN LERICI (20 min): you can rent it for €180 x day excluding petrol (€120 half day), 6 people (334 6755212,

Also from Fiumaretta ( or


We are in the middle of the park with marvellous trekking easily accessible. This park is famous for its high and indented coastline with breathtaking sights. The vegetation is very various going from the Mediterranean marquis to pinewoods and oak woods with wide and ancient olive yards often are everywhere. Also the fauna is rich with a variety of birds both migratory and resident: cormorant, seagulls, nightingales, redbreasts, sparrows, etc.

We are on top of Monte Garana (350m) therefore, as you can imagine most of the hacking trails around your house have lots of going up and down, but very very beautiful!

Trail 411 (AVG-Alta Via del Golfo) goes through our estate. Just follow the red and white CAI (Club Alpino Italiano) signs. The area is also incredible for mountain biking.

We provide you a detailed map, here are a 4 suggestions from the house:

TELLARO AND THE SEA (40 min) Trail 411 to Zanego /Trail 433/Trail 431. Alternatively take the Trail 431 and stay on Trail 433 and continue to Lerici, 1h more. From Tellaro you can quickly reach the Fiascherino beaches.

LERICI (1:10h) Trail 411 to Rocchetta/Trail 422 through the woods and down to La Serra. If you see the sign opt for the Trail 421.

MONTEMARCELLO (1h) Trail 411 to Zanego and then Trail 433. From Montemarcello you have three very nice walks to the beach of Punta Corvo, Punta Bianca or Bocca di Magra.

ROCKY SEA (40 min) on Trail 411 to Zanego and then Trail 433 towards Tellaro. Before arriving in Tellaro take the trail to the left and after a while go down to the rocks - the last few meters are difficult.

Away from our park we recommend the walk from Portovenere to Campiglia (difficult).


MOUNTAIN BIKE: 31km MTB trails (Easy-Family, XC-Cross Country and AllMountain/Enduro) all around the estate. For MTB maps and GPS tracks go to, or Lerici Bike facebook page.

RUNNING: Good 9-10 min circle track around the Monte Garana. Start from the main gate and run clockwise taking every road on the right and you get back to departure.

TENNIS (clay courts also indoor/w light): at the Venere Azzurra (, 0187 965995) in Lerici next to La Vallata public parking. Or the Corte di Camisano (0187 65371) and Il Borgo (0187 608033) between the Piana di Ameglia and Senato. Approx. €13 x hour.

SURF, WIND SURF, KITE SURF & SUP: in Fiumaretta, next to the Bagno Arcobaleno, you can rent surfs & take lessons: the Kau Kau School (, 0187 691186 or 333 2708071) rent wind surfs for €25 x day.

KARTING: at Pista Funnyland (, 0187 988274) in Via Ameglia, Località Senato there is a circuit where you can rent karts. €10 for 8 min. Open 16:00-24:00 June 12-October 31. Children below 14yr are not allowed.

HORSE RIDING: Centro Ippico Corte di Camisano (349 6795055) provide riding lessons. Meet Maurizio Micheloni to discuss your needs. Closed on Mon.

GOLF: at the Golf Club Marigola (, 0187 970193) there is a 9 holes course. Located just above the Venere Azzurra between Lerici and San Terenzo, €20 green fee (€25 on w/e), closed on Mon. Alternatively try the Versilia Golf Resort (, 0584 881574) in Forte dei Marmi, €85 green fee for 18 holes. The Sarzana Golf Club (338 7790517) offers a driving range. In Italy you need to show your golf club membership card.

CANOEING: A.R.C.I. (339 6929972) in Lerici give canoeing courses or can organise excursions.

SAILING: at Scuola di Mare Santa Teresa (, 0187 971123) you can rent Laser, RS Cat 16, A Class, RS Vision, Windsurf and Stand Up Paddle. They also organise sailing courses. At Circolo della Vela Erix (, 0187 966770) at the end of the Lerici quay organise sailing courses for kids.


If you walk to Lerici (La Serra) or to Montemarcello you can catch a bus back to Zanego bus stop (ATC Fermata sign) on the main road (15 min walk on Trail 411).

Timetable: (

1. from Lerici (Piazza Garibaldi) to Zanego

6:31, 7:21, 9:11, 11:26; 13:11; 13:51, 17:11, 19:26

2. from Zanego to Lerici

7:40, 9:45, 11:55, 13:30; 14:20, 17:45, 19:45

3. from Montemarcello to Zanego

6:55, 9:40, 11:50, 14:15, 17:40

4. from Zanego to Montemarcello

6:50, 9:30, 11:45, 14:10, 17:30